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Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018




In 1.963, due to the fact that the garlic was acquiring a significant importance in Las Pedroñeras, a group of around 100 farmers decided to set up a Cooperative, which centralize production and distribution of this product. Therefore, the cooperative was born before the economic boom of the village and in view of the urgent need to sell a product with such a great quality.
In 2004 it became the biggest Cooperative of Garlic in the World,  with the latest facilities and technologies in the market.
We are pleased to work to give our customers the best: "our purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras" AJOSANTO, produced in the best and unequalled lands of Castilla La Mancha; cultivated and prepared with the affection, history and tradition that men and women from Las Pedroñeras have dedicated to the growing garlic for centuries. Hence, "our garlic" is nowadays very famous, in addition to be catalogued as the best garlic in the world, PURPLE GARLIC FROM LAS PEDROÑERAS.
President: Agustín Ortiz Salamanca 
Manager: María José Arellano García
Partners Number: 400
Purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras Cooperativa acogida a la Indicación Geográfica Protegida Ajo Morado de Las PedroñerasLas Pedroñeras Capital of the Garlic in the world

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Las Pedroñeras – Cuenca – España

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