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Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018


Iglesia Ntra. Sra de la Asunción de Las PedroñerasThe Cooperative San Isidro "EL SANTO" is located in an enviable place for its competitors: It is situated in the town where the most famous garlic in the world is the driving force of the economy, Las Pedroñeras.

It is not necessary for the Cooperative San Isidro "EL SANTO" to demonstrate the quality of its product, as the famous of the Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras is due, exclusively, to the good job and dedication of the farmers, whom most of them are partners of our Cooperative.

Las Pedroñeras, with a population of around 7200 inhabitants, is well-known as the International Capital of Garlic, due to the fact that almost the 80% of the total production of garlic in Castilla La Mancha, the biggest garlic-production region in Europe, takes place in this town, However, is is not only for its significant production, but for its excellent variety, the Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras, that this town is so famous around the world. This variety has excelled the other for its qualities and propierties, which has aroused a great interest that is going beyond the culinary aspect.

Purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras Cooperativa acogida a la Indicación Geográfica Protegida Ajo Morado de Las PedroñerasLas Pedroñeras Capital of the Garlic in the world

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Avda Sebastián Molina, 4. 16660

Las Pedroñeras – Cuenca – España

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